Monday, December 7, 2009

Updates and information

PLEASE read carefully. DO NOT submit essays to us directly!

Send essays to:
Artists House Essay Contest
P.O. Box 783
Kittery, ME 03904
Must be postmarked no earlier than December 15, 2009. No submissions other than official downloads will be accepted. NO electronic submissions will be accepted. We tried to set up an electronic submission system but it proved too complicated and too expensive. So snail mail it is. Make sure your entry is legible. No duplicate submissions accepted. You may enter as often as you like, you may collaborate, but each entry MUST be separate and original. Each entry must be accompanied by a $50. bank check, travelers check or postal money order,

Make checks payable to: Artists House Essay Contest

Please refer to the twitter feed for up to the minute updates. For those of you not familiar with twitter, simply click on the little bluebird to the right of the text and you will automatically be taken to our twitter feed. It is simple and free to join and then you can follow the updates automatically. We will post as the number of entries climb so everyone will know when we are close to closing the entry acceptance window. Can't wait to hear how the world will benefit. Thanks! It's a beautiful day here in Maine!

See all other info in previous post:


  1. I don't have Twitter, so may I ask where the house is?

  2. Hi,
    I am curious about the possibility of building a studio space or garage/studio space on the property. Also, would love a picture of the gardens.

  3. There is plenty of studio space in the basement but there is also room for a garage on the property it is half an acre. The gardens are shown in several shots on the website listed above.

  4. It's right next to a airport, I'll get a lot of work done.

  5. Firstly; this is a voluntary contest. If it doesn't work for you don't do it. It's not for everyone. Secondly; it is a very quiet neighborhood. It is "near" a small airport with small aircraft mostly servicing Kennebunkport. Other than a Saturday lawn mower, we have never been disturbed here, no one will have any problem getting work done here. At least not from Airport noise :)

  6. What a wonderful idea. Artists truly are the dreamers of the dreams! 4000 enteries x $50 per, pays the $200,000 for the home/studio.
    It's a perfect opportunity for all of us! We have nothing to loose. I'm entering! OMG how artistically inspiring to walk by the ocean every morning!!
    What an amazing idea this contest is !!

  7. Thanks for letting me know about the posible garage space. My husband is the artist and is composing his it okay if it has my input even though I am not an "artist" or should it just come from him? The garage would be a must as he works with paint, tar and thinner, laying on fabric to make is very messy and smelly but makes for amazingly beautiful paintings when complete. :-)

    Oh...and is there an update on the number of entries you have received yet?

  8. i really would like to attend open house but have not received any confirmation that you received my essay or check?? Can you help please...