Thursday, December 17, 2009

Contest begins!

Please take the time to read the entire site here for all the rules and criteria. We would be upset if someone were to be ruled out because they did not read everything. We have had requests to enter from non-artists. We believe that that is another contest that someone else, perhaps inspired by this contest, my choose to run, however this contest is what it is. An essay contests for artists of all genres; musical, visual, dramatic, dance, writing etc. Our suggestion if you are not an artist and would like to enter the contest, would be that you team up with an artist that you are willing to share the house with. The house will be awarded to the artist with the best essay. Thanks to everyone who chooses to participate. The article listed below was published last week in the Portsmouth Herald.

Update: Artists you can team up as well - you must submit separate entries but put both names on the entry form if you want to share the house. Team up on your essay, team up on the house and studio, team up on the taxes...sound good? Sharing is nice anytime of year.

UPDATE: we have been approached to publish entries or tour as an art show. Get famous folks! Any and all proceeds would go to an art related charity or scholarship.

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