Monday, June 28, 2010

The culmination of the project

We spent the weekend reading essays looking at art projects and filling out forms. All checks have been placed in the mail today.
We want to thank everyone who participated. The entries were varied and swung from the comical to the profoundly sad. It would have been a hard choice no doubt, but we were thrilled to read about the plans that some of you have for your art and your place in the world and we encourage all of you to keep the pursuit active! Despite the failure to bring in enough entries we are happy to have tried this. We are deeply disappointed not to have been able to pass the house to one of the entrants. I know good things would have risen from that. We hope that good thing rise simply from participating. Art moves the world. So keep writing and painting, singing and dancing, without that, life lacks electricity.

Peter and Rebecca

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Contest terminated

We are very sorry folks but we did not reach the number of entries needed to give the house away. We also did not reach a number that would make sense to extend the deadline. It seemed like a good idea... The house is being rented and we are moving on to new projects. Thank you to all who participated. The number of entries is so low that we can handle the return mail if you didn't send an SASE. If we can't find someones address, we will post it here.

Thanks again

Peter and Rebecca

Ooops we inadvertantly deleted the email address which is for any questions. Everyone should get their entry fee returned by the end of the month, with the exception of international entries, those might take longer in the mail. Thank you