Friday, December 4, 2009

Basic Info

Why are we doing this? We are both artists, (a musician and an illustrator) we got together and found that we had one house too many. This house is standing empty. That seems like such a waste. It is a tough economy and we know how hard it can be to obtain a mortgage when you are a self-employed artist. We are going on the road and don't want to wait for the house to regain value next year. We LOVE the idea of being able to give a home to someone who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford or qualify for one. That is the most exciting part of all. We don't have a lot of equity in the house so we are limiting the amount of entries to just paying off the mortgage and lawyers fees. The house is in move in condition, sweet, in a great little neighborhood - Take a look!

Please sumbit your entry with BOTH of the following documents:

Registrant Info Form

Essay Submission Form

Here are the basic rules:

The contest is open to anyone in the Arts, any field; musical, dramatic, visual, writing etc. if in doubt, ask. Entries will be limited to 4,000. when we reach that number the contest will close. If we do not reach 4,000 entries by June 1st 2010, we will close the contest and determine if the house can still be given away if not, everyone who submitted will receive a refund. We will post when the entry level is reaching maximum. We will post when the limit is reached and the contest is closed.

You must be at least 18 years of age at the time you enter the contest.

You must write 500 words or less expressing how the world will be a better place if you win this house. You cannot use names of people or names of specific towns. Essay entries will be anonymous. Pertinent information must be submitted on the separate form provided to insure anonymity. Spelling does not count, (we are artists after all) but content does. The essay can take the form of poetry, dialog or song verse if you choose.

You must include a $50.00 entry fee. Bank checks or money orders only. Enter as often as you wish.

We will hold 2 Open Houses for anyone wishing to view the house in person. Take a tour of the house and plan to be impressed! Note: on house site, scroll under main photo for additional photos of property.

The house must be lived in by the winner for a period of no less that one year, the deed will be held in trust for that time.

All taxes, including Maine transfer tax, are the responsibility of the winner.

All essays become the property of the contest and will not be returned. All rights assigned.

There will be three place winners chosen, in the case that the winner is unable to accept the house or does not meet the criteria, the house will pass to the second place essay and then to the third, if necessary. All winners will be required to show proof of accuracy of declarations.

If you wish please copy and print these rules to refer to as you write your essay.

The contest begins on December 15th 2009 and ends when we have reached maximum entries (4,000) , or June 1, 2010 whichever comes first. Good luck!

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